The Politics of Projects



(Title shared by a book of the same name by Robert Block)

The average software engineer takes politics in the same light as the zombie apocalypse: no good will come of it and if you see it coming, … run away … leave no trail. The issue is that projects are a combination of tasks to complete and stakeholders to be taken care of. A successful project can fail though all the components are working. A project that ends with an unhappy client is not a successful project.

The task of a mature Project Development firm is to set expectations, to involve the stakeholders in the process, and to deliver a product that hits on all the required functionality. This may sound as though exceeding expectations fails the process, but from the side of the Project Development firm, exceeding expectations should be a considered component of the delivery: icing on the cake to entice follow-on work from the client.

So how does a Project Development firm take care of the zombie apocalypse and ensure all engineers starting a project are amongst the living when the project ends? It’s a product of engaging the client, navigating personalities, setting process and ensuring communication.

Common traits of zombies that are interesting but have very little to do with politics …


  • Zombies smell bad and their fragrance of choice is blood and gore
  • Zombies suffer from poor personal hygiene although they maintain a full set of teeth
  • Zombies don’t die easily and they don’t heal
  • Activity ranges from a slow walk to a slow walk with arms extended
  • Zombies are very self centered although self preservation does not seem to apply
  • Zombies are very diligent and single minded, although single minded is food
  • Zombies enjoy each other’s company but keep low on dialog
  • Their clothes transcend super strength: no changes and they last for years
  • Zombies must excrete some bodily substance that keeps shoes on and laces tied
  • There are no good looking zombies
  • Zombies do not dance


And back to the story. The best way to ensure success is to have traveled the road before. The successful Project Development firm must develop process for the engineering and business expectations and understand how to alleviate issues with both. There are many documents and processes available: we at STG support Agile process, CMM, Rational Unified Process and IEEE.

The Software Technology Group is a project oriented software consulting firm, established in 1992, in the generation when body snatchers were common and zombie infestations were unheard of.


And to summarize, we understand the zombie apocalypse, we have seen the zombie apocalypse, and to date we have a stellar track record of successfully averting the zombie apocalypse.


And we’re more enjoyable to work with than other companies.


Software Technology Group: Supporting technology and web development











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