Technical Nirvana



What has been my favorite software project?

They’re all good, but as they say, … some are even better than others.



My favorite project has been a fruit-fly robotics project. At some of the genome companies they do their research on the short life-cycle fruit flies, so the researchers can see results quickly as they manipulate the fly genome.

Fruit fly genetics diagram


The company we supported has some PhD grads working full time, transferring fruit flies from one set of vials to another. We helped develop the robotics and control to …

  • Pick up a vial from a rack and read the barcode
  • Put the vial on its side
  • Shoot CO2 through the stopper of the vial, which knocks the flies out for 30 seconds
  • All the dead fruit flies are in the plug of banana on the bottom of the vial, the live fruit flies are alive, but knocked out on the side of the vial



fruit-fly-experiment - vials - 4


  • The robot pulls off the cap and blows the comatose fruit flies into a new vial with a “U” shaped blower
  • The new fruit fly generation gets a fresh plug of banana, a new barcode and cap, and is gently put back in new rack for further experimentation and storage

This, … to someone with an electrical engineering degree like me, … is as good as it gets.


We at STG live for the project: to create a solution that exceeds expectations and to be brought in on support that improves the quality, health, well-being and ROI of our clients.

We are a company of programmers and people with engineering degrees with the ability to move in most any direction: web development, portals, mobile, embedded systems, application development, robotics, biomedical systems, nanotechnology, QA ….  We very much look forward to working with you.

Software Technology Group: Supporting technology and web development


Jay Abramovitz, President


FruitFly Robot2





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